Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Am I Here For?

Years ago, Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life, was extremely popular. It challenged its audience to figure out what their purpose was for existing and to get busy making it happen. Today people still ultimately wonder what is their sole purpose in life and how do they fulfill their destiny. As my small group met last night, this topic came up in light of why we as Christians exist. Of course, the conversation got deep and people talked about their lavish purposes for their existence. I pondered the question and I came to a slightly different conclusion this time. Yes, we are all here for a purpose. We all have a job or role to fulfill. We cannot all be world renown for the great works that we have done, or will do.
What if each day our purpose is different? Perhaps we can only touch one life a day. In other words, your mission may not be far-reaching; it may be to be taken in bits and pieces. You have a station in life and it may be closer than you envision. Your impact may be your immediate family, friends, and neighbors as well as your workplace and the local stores and restaurants that you frequent. No, you may not be destined to become the face of world philanthropist but you may be destined to touch the woman in the grocery line ahead of you with a kind word or the $2 dollars that she is short so she doesn’t have to have the cashier void the last item in her cart.
Think about that. If your random acts of kindness are not self-serving and you positively touch at least one person a day, imagine the impact that you will have on furthering God’s Kingdom and reflecting the love of Christ. Your purpose is to be Jesus at that moment. Translation: meet the person's need at that moment, expecting nothing in return. There is no value that can be placed on an act of kindness-for the receiver as well as the giver. The concept is rather simple but in today's reality, it doesn't always happen.
Fast moving technology and social media have made some of us totally oblivious to the plight of others. We have become selfish and narcissistic, worried far too much about how others perceive our lifestyles and painting false realities to get as many "likes" as possible. In the end, will that matter? Will that allow the loved ones at your funeral to have something substantive to say or celebrate?  Our purpose, if we believe biblical principles, is never about self. It's supposed to be about serving with humility and loving others. Each day, we are given a blank page to write our story. How we fill that page reflects what's in our hearts and our purpose for being.
It's never too late, as long as you're alive, to be purposeful about your purpose. Don't wait to look for an opportunity to positively impact one person each day. Now is the time, kindness is contagious. Your purpose is to love without expectation. How that destiny is fulfilled may be different each day, but those divine appointments are your purpose and no one can do whatever it is you were appointed to do for that day. Blessings will come, Don't make it deeper than it needs to be. Your purpose begins with you, right in your corner of your world.
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Wordless Wednesday-March 22, 2017


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