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My Favorite Foods

I have been blogging  for a while now. As I review the various posts, I realize that I share my thoughts but not much about myself. I am a foodie. My friends are foodies too. We love good food and we really enjoy a great eating experience. Most of my closest friends can cook and throw a party together with the best of them. So in this post, I thought I'd share my favorite things to eat. Most of my favorite foods evoke fond and special memories for me.

Macaroni and Cheese has to be my favorite thing to eat.  It was one of  the two things that I begged Nanno, my grandmother, to make. It was also the one thing everyone wanted her to make and now it is one of the things people want me to make. It took a few tries for me to get mine like hers but I have perfected her recipe. It's baked, cheesy, and buttery. It's comforting and delicious.  The first bite always puts a smile on my face.

Peach Cobbler is next.  Nanno didn't exactly teach me how to make hers but my version is not too bad and as far as taste, I nailed it. My crust can still use a bit of work. Gotta get the right amount of nutmeg to make it perfect.  Comfort food at its best.

Crab cakes....Maryland style. The right amount of Old Bay is essential. Very little filler. Please use lump or jumbo lump crab meat.  This was the best discovery I made when I became a Maryland transplant, When I moved to Albany, Georgia, I even had them shipped to me because I missed them so much.

Lobster and shrimp. Can you tell that I love seafood? Steamed, fried, broiled, in pasta dishes or salads.  One way to my heart......a good seafood meal.

I like red meat. Give me a well seasoned steak, cooked medium. preferably a rib eye,  I also like prime rib prepared the same way.  A decent cheeseburger cooked medium also hits the spot. SN: Mustard belongs on hot dogs, not on burgers.

Bread.....comfort at its best.  I love love love homemade yeast rolls.  I love Red  Lobster's cheddar Bay biscuits, not quite as good as the biscuits my grandmother made at least once a week when my grandfather and she were both living. Light fluffy and buttery.

Ice cream. Not soft serve. Bleh! I get an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins every year for my birthday. Real cake with real Ice cream. You can see this years pictured below. My favorite flavors are Jamocha Almond Fudge and Gold Medal Ribbon. My aunt Dorothy can be blamed for this one. Jamocha Almond Fudge is her favorite and my brother, Gerald's.

Potatoes. Here's how I like them....Boardwalk french fries..mashed..baked and loaded.  In a soup, or buried in cheese. Can't forget potato salad. You know we judge a cook by their preparation of  potato salad. I also like sweet potatoes...not only do they taste good but they are good  for you. If I crave a salty snack...Utz potato chips win the prize.

Chicken....Fried hard and seasoned well. I love a good wing too.

Then there are the random items like German Chocolate Cake, gumbo, broccoli, bacon, ham, catfish, and ribs. Lemon Heads, Twizzlers, Twix, and Snickers win for candy. Nectarines and cherries are my favorite fruits. A corned beef sandwich...from Cleveland only.

There you have it...A glimpse into my foodie life.  What foods do you enjoy? Do those foods evoke good memories of folks you love? Comment and let me know your favs. Till next time..Ciao!

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