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Eyebrows On Fleek

Initially, I envisioned throwing a fantastic divorce party once my divorce was final. Well given the long amount of time that it took for that to happen, I was just happy for it to be over and done. I must also  admit, it seems that celebrating the demise of a marriage is a tad wrong even if you are happy. After a very unnecessary fight, you still need a reward for your victory. So instead of a divorce party, I chose to do something for me--with the ex's money of course. 😇    

My eyebrows were nearly non-existent due to a habit I have of plucking them while reading or being bored. I was sick and tired of drawing them in. Even though I know our eyebrows aren't twins, some days were good ones and others....well were not so great. So, I gave myself the gift of microblading. Microblading is  a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing treatment that fills in sparse or nonexistent eyebrows.  The technique uses a handheld tool with needles to apply pigments that simulate additional hairs.  The most popular technique is the PhiBrow technique.  Their tools and pigments are produced in accordance with the highest standards. You have one microblading session and you return 4-6 weeks later for a touch-up as you will lose some pigmentation.

After consulting with several local aestheticians, I settled on the one I felt was most knowledgeable about the process. I hate people touching my face. Lyly was my choice. Her shop was neat and clean. She explained the entire process, had me sign some paper work, and got started. Lyly was very meticulous and measured multiple times and marked so that the placement was natural and symmetrical according to the shape of my face. She then carefully drew out the shape and size according to my request. I wanted natural brows with a natural arch. She gave me two colors to choose from.  After about two hours, Lyly superseded my expectations. She was attentive and concerned about my level of comfort every step of the way. 

The pain level was tolerable.  It feels like a bunch of paper cuts. Then a strong numbing agent is applied and the remainder of the process is relatively pain free. The strokes are drawn in the direction of your brows' natural growth pattern to achieve a realistic look.  Some think it looks a little dark initially but the coloring does lose its intensity after a week or so.  It takes 28 days to fully heal and then the area is ready for a touch-up.  For the initial week, Lyly gave me a beeswax substance to seal and moisturize the area. For the remaining time, an A&D ointment was provided. She was adamant about follow-up care. Once the microblading was complete I had very little puffiness and no irritation, despite some bleeding during the process-who knew I shouldn't have had that morning cup of coffee. The touch-up appointment was  much shorter as no drawing or measuring was required. There were areas that had lightened noticeably and those were the areas Lyly concentrated on during the touch-up session. I am including a picture from my first session and from my touch-up session. 

To say that I am very pleased would be an understatement.  I wrote Lyly a glowing Yelp review and would recommend her without hesitation.  If you aren't in the DMV area, do your homework. Microblading is an excellent choice if you are wasting precious morning time on your brows. My brows are now on fleek--in a very natural looking way.  It wasn't a party but it was an awesome gift of love to myself and just in time for the summer.  Did I mention that I have found contact lenses that I can wear that don't make it look as if I've been doing world class drugs after 3 days wear? I call it winning.  Here's to new freedoms and a life of freedom and happiness. Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your comments or thoughts. Till next time. ciao.

In Diva Love,

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Thoughtful Thursday-April 13, 2017

Happy Holy Week!

May the Resurrected King live in your heart forever!

In Diva Love,

Pamela 👑🙏🏽🎈

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25 Facts About Me....

It's been a while since I've really said anything specific about myself. You get my thoughts and opinions all the time so here's a little something different.Some things you may know because you pay attention, hopefully others will surprise you.

1. I love the Lord and I am a Christian. Without a relationship with Christ, I'd be a huge mess. I am not perfect but my Savior is.

2. I am an extrovert with some introvert tendencies. I love people interaction but I am more than comfortable  being alone. My thoughts and quiet do not scare me.

3. I tend to do the right thing even when I don't  want to. Trust me, I am not a pushover. Right is right and wrong is wrong. God will work it all out in the end.

4.  I love a nice journal. Writing is therapy whether it's shared or not.

5.  My discernment skills are on point. I will peep BS in a heartbeat.

6.  I hate reality TV. There is enough ratchet behavior in the world without television glorifying it.

7.  I am very transparent. Thus, I have very few fake and guarded people in my inner circle.

8. I love to read.  I used to force myself to read any book that I began. Now, If  I am not engaged within the first 50 pages, I'm not wasting my time. There are way too many books out  there to be stuck reading one that doesn't draw me in.

9.  Seafood is the best.....lobster, shrimp, crab legs and scallops....YUM!

10.  My hair has been natural since September 2007 but I absolutely hate doing hair. Thank goodness for protective styles...done  by others. 

11.  Watches and sunglasses are my favorite accessories to buy. I also have a thing for buying make-up.

12.  My preference is white wine and  I like my liquor clear too. Vodka anyone? 

13.  I have several pet peeves but one of the biggest pet peeves is when people initiate plans/activities with you and cancel at the last minute.

14. My definition of fine men can be summed up with Morris Chestnut and Idris Elba.

15.  I miss having a dog. Beagles are my favorite. I  see a pooch in my relocated future.

16. My sports teams: Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Indians and Duke Blue Devils. Honorable mentions go to the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Panthers. No hateration necessary!

17.  I despise putting away laundry and dishes, and I also dislike dusting.

18.  While I love fast cars, I hate  driving.

19.  Friendship  is a serious matter. My girls are ride or die.  I cherish them dearly and most of them are closer  than family. They are the real deal and they make me a better person.

20.  Traveling fills my tank. I love seeing other places and how the people live and of course, this foodie enjoys trying new foods along with relaxing. Puerto Rico is on the agenda for this year.On the travel list,  in no particular order: Aruba, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Vancouver, and Hawaii to name a few.

21.Online dating has 0 appeal to me but I sure would like to date some one's son soon. (Deep sigh)

22.  I don't find it cute when children lack manners or are disrespectful. 

23.  Writing is therapy--that's how MissReadDiva was birthed. Coming in 2nd would be music and third would be coloring.

24. Current goals: Less debt, less procrastination, more living life to the fullest-on my own terms.

25.  I love me--perfectly imperfect, occasionally petty, always God-loving and God-fearing individual who is always observing and growing daily. 

I hope you learned something new. Please feel free to comment or ask a question. Peace!

In Diva Love,


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Wordless Wednesday-April 5, 2017


In Diva Love,

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